Metalbac & Farbe SA it″s a private company founded in 1994, which has as main activity production and marketing of paint enamels, varnishes, thinners and syntetic resins for paint brand FARBE.
The company has a factory coating products, a finished goods warehouse and a modern office building.

The qualified staff , the quality of the raw materials and the latest equipments lead to higher quality of FARBE products. This fact is confirmed by approvals and testimonials issued by authorized institutions.

The products of our company are used in these areas:
        - construction machinery and industrial equipment;
        - wood processing and production of furnishings;
        - steel industry;
        - energy industry ( thermoelectric and hydropower industries);
        - electrotechnical industry;
        - chemical industry;
        - civil and industrial construction;
        - infrastructure (bridges, roads, railways, ports, airports).

The FARBE brand includes these products:
        - alkyd products;
        - melamine-alkyd products;
        - epoxy;
        - polyurethane products;
        - acrylic;
        - aqueous dispersion products;
        - bituminous products.

Also, the brand contains special products, such us anticorrosive products for chemical and high humidity environments, products with high temperature resistance, products for concrete floors and road marking paints.